Feel-good barre and yoga for everyBODY

Feel-good classes that you’ll look forward to doing. Combining barre and yoga and making classes a regular part of your routine will leave you feeling strong and empowered.


BFF stands for barre, flow & food. Join us in-person for a wholesome morning like no other! With a 50 min barre class, a 50 min yoga class and a sweet treat from a local bakery afterwards.


Transform your living room or bedroom into your own private studio with Torre Barre online classes. Enjoy over 200 different barre, yoga and stretching anytime, anywhere.


Join us in Worcester for feel-good fun with Dance Fitness and Barre! Start with Dance Fitness, where you'll groove to high-energy music and easy dance moves. Then, transition to Barre for ballet-inspired exercises, Pilates, and yoga to tone and invigorate. Join for one class or stay for both – sweat, smile, and feel fantastic!

Hey! My name's Tori and I'm the founder of Torre Barre.

I grew up dancing and have always loved any sort of dance-based exercise. When I took my first barre class I knew I wanted to teach this special workout and help spread barre magic even further. Barre is an incredible workout and is great for so many physical reasons (an intense, low impact, accessible, adaptable, challenging workout that targets every muscle group) but for me, I just LOVE what it does for my mind and my mood. When I’m training, the music is just as important as the movement, so you’ll find my barre classes always have epic playlists with songs you’ll be singing along to.

I came to yoga later in life than I did to dance, but truly know just how life changing and powerful the practise is. My yoga classes focus on cultivating calm and reconnecting with ourselves, turning our focus inwards to help us become our most authentic versions of us.

I’ve found regularly combining barre and yoga classes to be super powerful - as in yoga we are often stretching the muscles we use the most in barre. Bringing the two workouts together as part of a regular workout routine can be completely magical for your mind and body.

I believe in being kind to ourselves and everyone around us, and always dancing like no one is watching.

200 Hour RYT
Certified Barre Instructor


Torre’s private zoom classes are amazing. They keep me accountable for doing the classes and give me the burst of motivation that I need. They are key to ensure that technique for the in demand classes are correct to enable you to get the most out of every workout.


Having enjoyed both online and BFF classes with Tori, I cannot recommend her enough. I always feel elated and joyous leaving her classes, the vibes are always ELITE - from the music, to the moves, to just her personality! Everyone must try a BFF class, these days so much of socialising is around partying but if you want something just purely wholesome and good for your body, then these classes are the best!


The best exercise class I have ever done, stuck with, actually enjoy and look forward to! The exercises and music are so enjoyable and I love how Tori makes you feel empowered. I'm no longer self conscious about exercise and feel strong and confident after a class. Thank you so much!


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